Walking in Killarney

Killarney National Park is one of the most dramatically beautiful reserves in Ireland. Craggy mountains loom over silent lakes, while the country’s only wild herd of native red deer roam through ancient woodland. A designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 1981, Killarney National Park is where you will find one of Ireland’s most important habitants. If you feel like escaping into nature for a day, it is the perfect place to go. It is easy to spend an entire day outdoors here, exploring the trails. From lake loops to forest walks there is much to enjoy.

Killarney National Park has a distinctive and dramatic terrain of big variety – mountains, lakes, forests and waterfalls. The McGillycuddy’s Reeks mountain range is situated in the national park, which is the highest mountain range in Ireland with a height of more than 1000 metres. At the foot of the mountains, there is 10, 236 hectares of pure nature to explore.

There are several walks in the Killarney National Park that start from Muckross House but The Muckross Lake Loop Walk is definitely one of our favourites. At 15km long it will take you about 3-4 hours to complete. The route brings you on a scenic walk from the Muckross House, down to the lake shores and from there all the way out to the Muckross Peninsula. The peninsula separates Muckross Lake from Lough Leane. After that, you’ll wander into the Reenadinna Wood which is a good spot to look out for the country’s only wild herd of red deer.

We are lucky to be located on the scenic Muckross Road with a Walk & Cycle path at our door leading you directly into the park to explore the breathtaking 25,000 acres of Killarney's National Park. 

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